Haleakala Creamery specializes in handcrafted small-batch Goat and Cow milk Caramel Sauces, Ice Cream, and sweets using local ingredients found throughout the Hawaiian Islands. 

What began as Rebecca's simple desire to make her own ice cream resulted in buying a dairy goat and just a few years later Haleakala Creamery was born. It started with selling caramel on the side of the road, and now sweet ephemeral aromas float out of a small farm kitchen in Kula, Maui, where Rebecca is churning out her latest batch of artisan goat milk caramel sauce. 

Rebecca started Haleakala Creamery to be part of the local food movement and today she lives with family on their micro goat dairy and farm in Kula, Maui.

Rebecca looks forward to sharing ice cream, caramel sauces, new confections, cookies, and candies with creamery customers and her community. "We love living on Maui" she says, "as residents of the islands it is important to respect the 'aina and share aloha." By having goat's and cow's convert the local grass and fodder into milk combined with Cane Sugar and locally grown ingredients we can share the sweet taste of Hawaii with visitors and residents alike.

Aloha from Rebecca and Family